This is the red internal page.
It should never open alone,
but always within the parent.

You got the parent to open
with this page in the iframe!

Not only that, but we got this
particular page to open scrolled
down to the halfway mark by
using a simple HTML tag.

Well, it might not exactly be
the halfway mark, as we didn't
measure it, but it will not open
at the very top of the page like
the other iframes did.

The purpose is to simply demonstrate
how this code works. Besides,
I'm sick of typing nonsense text...

So after this halfway mark, you will
get to read Lorem Ipsum and all that
usual stuff.

We have used the name tag
<a name="halfway"></a> &
then simply had the link tag
like this:
<a href="red.htm#halfway"></a>
This forced the page to the
halfway mark.

That's all there is to it. We have
put this coding into a basically
empty page so that you can
very easily take it apart and
analyze it as an example.
Good luck!

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